Australian Commando Association Queensland (ACAQ)

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The purpose of the Association is to:

Foster and perpetuate ties of comradeship, between Queensland domiciled former Commandos of World War 2 Independent Companies/Commando Squadrons and former members of post-world War 2 Australian Commando and Special Forces Units and serving members who have been /or are on the posted strength of a current, former, unit which has been, or is now part of Special Operations Command (SOCOMD), and to encourage the spirit of loyalty to Australia and to encourage former Commandos to take an active part in matters of national importance, particularly defence.

Promote activities of a ceremonial commemorative, memorial, sporting or social character for the benefit of members and families.

Foster and develop the Association's support to the Commando Welfare Trust and patriotic funds in support of its eligible members to its objectives.

Assist former Commandos and former members of SOCOMD including surviving dependents with their problems.

Concentrate its efforts on repatriation and veterans' affairs via representation and advocacy means to all relevant Authorities and/or other parties.

Form and support relationships with other special forces, military and kindred associations for mutual benefit.

Adopt any other objectives agreed upon in pursuance of a Special Resolution in accordance with the Constitution and it's provisions.

Check here regularly to see our upcoming ACAQ events.
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