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After 10 years as an Intensive care nurse in Adelaide, he graduated from Medicine in 2006, and completed his General Practice Fellowship in 2012. Sponsored through medicine by the Australian Army, Kieran spent 6 years as a military doctor. Whilst a Regimental Medical Officer, he was responsible for the medical management and rehabilitation of wounded soldiers, playing a part in improving the rehabilitation process and overall management systems. This experience directly relates to the re-ablement focus of the government’s health care strategy, and his focus on musculoskeletal rehabilitation, chronic disease management, occupational medicine and mental health will help ensure the delivery of high quality care to veterans and seniors.

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Founded by Clinical Psychologist Megan Fry. M Fry Psychologist is a clinical psychology practice specialising in veteran health and people who haven’t had much success with therapy in the past. Trained in a range of therapeutic approaches, Megan is well equipped to handle difficult and complex cases. Her ultimate goal is to create positive fundamental change and growth, not just symptom relief.

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At JR Medals we specialise in mounting full or mini size medals in either court or swing mounted groups. Free ribbons with all orders for full size medals. We can supply replicas for just about any country or campaign. 20% discount for all members of the ACAQ.

If your a business owner or service provider whose products and services my be of interest or benefit to our members, see our contact us page and send us some information about your business. Our secretary will then contact you to discuss the addition of your product and services to this page.


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Cam’s Cause is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2014 by friends and family of Corporal Cameron Baird VC MG, forging a partnership to uphold Cameron’s life motto of ‘Aspire to Inspire’.

By telling the brilliant story of Corporal Cameron Baird VC MG, the Cam’s Cause team strive to sustain the memory of a great Australian and inspire the leaders of tomorrow with the values that Corporal Baird lived his life by.

Cam’s Cause achieved registered charity status in 2016 and is also a registered deductible gift recipient.

Since its formation, Cams’s Cause has been working to celebrate the life of Corporal Cameron Baird VC MG. We aim to inspire people by sharing Cam’s story of a life lived full of morals and virtues, in addition to raising awareness for the outstanding work that is done by our Australian Military.

Cameron was an exceptionally modest man who, when on home soil, spent significant time supporting organisations that raised money for soldier welfare. Cam’s Cause aims is to continue Cameron’s passion for soldier welfare and to facilitate an opportunity to pay tribute to, and thank, an ordinary citizen who will be remembered as an extraordinary Australian.

As a result of our efforts, Cam’s Cause has been able to donate more than $35k to the Commando Welfare Trust. A Trust which looks after the families of soldiers who been effected by there service.

Some of the achievements thus far in our journey are:

Life-size bronze statue dedicated by the Governor General Sir Peter John Cosgrove, AK, MC in the foyer of the Currumbin RSL
Inaugural ‘CPL Cameron Baird VC MG Award for Courage and Leadership’ for the Redland Sharks Junior Team, QLD
Naming of the Pavilion at the Jack Ginifer Reserve ‘CPL Cameron Baird VC MG Pavilion’, VIC
Annual Remembrance Ceremony at the Melbourne Shire of Remembrance, VIC
‘Cam’s Cause’ Charity nights at Keilor Hotel (VIC), Burnie Arts and Function Centre (TAS) & Currumbin RSL (QLD)
Fundraising at Redland Football Club Charity Match
Visits to Victorian and Queensland Primary Schools to talk about CPL Cameron Baird VC MG, “Aspire to Inspire” program, aimed at steering young people down the right path
Hume City Council: CPL Cameron Baird VC MG Memorial Award and scholarship program, Victoria
The proudest moment of our journey thus far was the unveiling of the life size statue of CPL Cameron Baird VC MG at the Currumbin RSL (QLD). This statue is the result of amazing financial support and fundraising and stands to honour Australia’s 100th Victorian Cross Recipient and the 42 Australian lives that have been lost in Afghanistan.

The statue also symbolises Australia’s modern day warfare and the stories of bravery that are unheard.

Well over 500 soldiers have been permanently effected by physical injuries sustained in battle. What is more alarming are the increasing numbers of psychological injuries that soldiers are facing such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) depression and anxiety.

Cam’s Cause is looking long into the future regarding the need to help with soldier welfare. Through networking with some of Cameron’s close friends within the 2nd Commando Regiment there is an amazing opportunity to make a difference and help soldiers that may be struggling with the effects of serving in the elite 2nd Commando Regiment. Which is a division of Australia’s Special Forces Task Group.

The team aims to raise much needed funds to help build specially designed camps that provide a unique environment incorporating general outdoor activities and specialist help that have been created by the 2nd Commando Regiments Human Performance Wing. These camps have been created for Commandos by Commandos and are proven to make a difference in assisting recovery from physical and mental injuries.

We could think of no better way to honour Cameron than assisting his beloved 2nd Commando Regiment and the soldiers that protect our way of life from the frontline.

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The Commando Welfare Trust was established in July 2010 as a perpetual trust for the purpose of providing financial relief to 1 Commando Regiment, 2 Commando Regiment, Special Operations Engineer Regiment, Special Forces Training Centre, Special Operations Logistics Squadron, and the Parachute Training School deceased members or their dependants, who become deceased or permanently disabled in or as a result of active service or operational training.

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The Australian Commando Association Victoria Inc is comprised of the former 1st Commando Regiment Association Victoria (2 Commando Company and 126 Signal Squadron Associations combined), the Australian Commando Association Victoria (WW2) and the 2/4th Commando Association (WW2). Some of the Units and Associations from which our membership is derived includes:

1st Commando Regiment
2nd Commando Regiment
1 Commando Company
2 Commando Company
126 Signal Squadron
301 Signal Squadron
M and Z Special Units
WW2 Independent Companies, Regiments & Squadrons

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The aims of the ACA are:

To encourage camaraderie between current and former members of Australian Commando Units including WW2 M&Z Special units, Independent Commando Company's and Commando Cavalry Regiments, 4 RAR ((Cdo) 1997-2009), 1st Commando Regiment and 2nd Commando Regiment;

To preserve, promote and honour Australia's military history and tradition as symbolised by the legend and spirit of ANZAC;

To support all Australian Commando Regiments and in maintaining the heritage and tradition of our Commando veterans and their respective Associations;

To specifically support former members of the NSW Commando Association, current and past serving, wounded and surviving veteran Commandos from all conflicts;
To support The Commando Regiments in recording, maintaining and celebrating their Regiments’ anniversaries, milestones, history, customs and tradition.

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In the late 1980s those members living on the Gold Coast, south of Brisbane, with the full and financial support of the executive and members, formed a small sub-branch which later became first a branch and then an association in its own right.

In 1999, the overseas branches of the RMA were declared autonomous associations by the RMA central Committee (UK). Queensland officially accepted the change in status on 16th February 1999, the first Australasian branch to become autonomous, at which time it adopted the current title.

As per the RMAQ Constitution, the association objectives were clarified. They are:

1. To promote and maintain comradeship, fellowship and esprit-de-corps among all Royal Marines and the members of all RMA Branches and Associations throughout the Commonwealth.

2. To advise and where possible assist and promote the welfare of RMAQ members; and

3. To establish and maintain contact with other organisations which concern themselves with the welfare of ex-service personnel.

In keeping with the spirit of the RMA, in 1999 the RMAQ exchanged charters of twinship with the Plymouth & District Branch.

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